Depression: The Creative Killer

Its been a rough week. Or two. Or three. I’ve lost count.

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My First Medium Article

Remember those writing goals I had? I’ve been busy.

In addition to creating my podcast, working on my novel, and planning for the next one, I’ve started working on some essays that I want to publish to Medium. Just to get my voice out there.

Today, I posted my first essay. You can find it here. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

I like to say that I’m “published” now, which is kind of true but it doesn’t count. I need someone to put me in their magazine and pay me. Then I’ll have it made.

Haha, that was a joke. Please laugh.

Tetra and Cheeto are not impressed by my essay.


Stress and Slumps

Hello friends. August and July were really heavy months for me. Work had me pulling my hair out, I was putting in a lot of hours at the animal sanctuary I volunteer at, and I was planning for a 5 day visit from my mom.

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Ambitious Writing Goals

Hello friends, I want to share with you my writing goals for the next year.

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Books and Cat Yoga?

I had a pretty awesome weekend, friends. I finished some books (yes, plural! reading goal, here I come!) and did yoga with rescue kittens. You read that right. Yoga. With kittens. It was the best hour of my life.

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